Our self-developed entry-level (bronze) and IBM technology (silver and gold) complete Environmental Awereness Systems (EAS) support our partners to reduce their costs and emissions by continuously monitoring their utility consumption.

As a Nokia partner, we develop solutions to make Nokia Bell Labs technologies available to our customers.
Be it NOKIA’s high-reliability radio communication technology or even the coordinated control of self-propelled vehicles.

Transportation solutions are at the heart of every smart city. Thinking forward to solve large cities’ problems begins with improving their infrastructure, a sphere in which Telelink City excels. With a portfolio of many projects in Bulgaria, Romania and Poland, we are proud to be innovation leaders in designing smart urban mobility systems.

Our smart transportation service is built to help solve key pain points for both municipalities and citizens. Already developed and ready to be deployed at any given moment, it can quickly transform public transport into a better experience. It’s fully customizable which allows its users to address all the problems at hand without any technical expertise. It integrates real-time passenger information with a smart ticketing system making moving from A to B quick and easy. What’s more, the service can become a multi-modal mobility solution and incorporate bike rentals, car sharing, taxi, and on-demand services.

LoRa base station development: custom-developed hardware and firmware solution

Production of LoRa measuring sensors: production of custom-made and programmed target sensors

IoT applications: customizable custom dashboards and interfaces designed to meet customer needs